Man From Banned Middle Eastern Nation Tried To Enter The US When Trump Took IMMEDIATE Action- CNN Won’t Report This!

President Donald Trump’s critics were shocked when they saw what happened as a banned Muslim was granted a visa to enter the United State. The man is an Iranian who was granted a U.S. visa to visit America in hopes to donate bone marrow to his brother who is suffering from blood cancer.

This is a very rare waiver that people get, but there was a much deeper issue at hand and President Trump saw it and took care of it. There might be restrictions on travel from multiple countries that bar people entering the United States, but something much bigger than a travel restriction was at stake here.

The Iranian man is Kamiar Hashemi and he was determined to be a 100% match for a bone marrow transplant that could save his brother’s life who has blood cancer. When someone’s life is at stake and there’s a chance to save them, then it’s good to know that the Americans responsible for making a decision have allowed the travel so the bone marrow transfer can be conducted and hopefully save the man’s brother.

The Hill reported more about the temporary travel Visa submitted to the traveling Muslim man:

“An Iranian man has been granted a U.S. visa, allowing him to travel to the country in hopes to donating bone marrow to his brother.

Reuters reported Friday that Kamiar Hashemi, an Iranian citizen, had been granted a rare waiver to President Trump’s travel ban, which bars people from Iran and seven other countries from coming to the U.S.

Hashemi had applied for the visa at the U.S. consulate in Yerevan, Armenia, in February, after discovering that he was a 100 percent match for a bone marrow transplant that could save the life of his brother, a U.S. citizen who has blood cancer.

Initially, the State Department’s website showed that Hashemi’s visa application had been refused.

But the man’s lawyer, Mahsa Khanbabai, told Reuters that she received a call on Thursday that Hashemi had been granted a waiver to the travel ban and that he should make arrangements to pick up the visa in Armenia.

“It’s unfortunate that so much effort had to go into getting just one, clearly urgent, visa approved,” Khanbabai told Reuters. “There are thousands of people stuck, also with urgent cases, with no idea what is happening.”

Trump’s travel ban, which bars most people from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea and Venezuela from coming to the U.S. was allowed to go into effect in December, after months of legal challenges.

According to Reuters, the State Department has approved 375 waivers to the ban, though it is not clear how many people applied in total.”

President Trump has many leftist critics who claim he is racist, homophobic, and many other words ending in -obe and -ist. President Trump just made a huge point that hammers home the nail in the head of the Democrats as he proves that he will go against his own travel restrictions if there’s a very good reason.

Trump lost a brother and he knows what it’s like to lose someone that might be close to him. Trump probably admires that this man is willing to donate his bone marrow to help save his brother and there’s not much reason to deny a visa that could potentially save a life.

This goes against everything that the Democrats have said about Trump in their protests, marches, and the resistance movement that is a conglomerate of people who lose at life and spend more time complaining, crying, and letting their feelings dictate their unproductive life into a massive state of misery.

Learning about the man being granted a travel visa to help save his brother’s life is inspiring and it shows that the President has much better intentions than every Democrat has ever expected. Trump and the Americans responsible for approving the travel visa for the man who was previously banned from travel show the true agenda behind the American President which is everything that is opposite of what his critics claim.

Trump could be responsible for helping to save the life of a Muslim man by allowing the travel visa, but the Democrats won’t ever accept that. Or will they? Will they finally accept him for being a decent human being? Will Democrats look beyond and above all the nonsense swirling between the partisan pundits and finally give Trump credit for doing something right?

Or will the Democrats continue finding things to complain about, even when they partially get their way?

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